Welcome to MegKF Scanlations

MegKF Scanlations is a scanlation group that began in March 2003.
Scanlations is a fusion of the words "Scans" and "Translations". These are manga, which are also called graphic novels, which are taken from their original language, usually Japanese, sometimes Chinese or Korean, and are translated into the native language of the scanlator, a group of people who make scanlations, in this case English.


MegKF is proud of her policy of discontinuing titles when they become licensed in the United States. MegKF is further proud of helping to bring these titles to the attention of publishers. MegKF encourages people to help support these mangakas (the people who create mangas, graphic novels) by purchasing these and/or other titles by them. So if a title becomes licensed in your country please cease distribution of it and purchase the published version.

Manga Genres

MegKF Scanlates two different genres of manga.
Most titles scanlated by MegKF are shoujo. Shoujo means girl in japanese, meaning these titles are intended to appeal to young girls.
The other genre MegKF scanlates is yaoi, or shounen-ai. These titles focus on, or revolve around, male homosexuality. Yaoi tends to be more graphic than shounen-ai. MegKF expects people to be at least 18 to read yaoi titles and at least 15 to read shounen-ai titles.

Help Wanted

Like most scanlation groups MegKF needs some more staffers. Translators of Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean for shoujo and yaoi projects would be great~~~